About this server

This City of Heroes server was created for friends to play together
in a fun atmosphere we welcome all players new and old alike.

We Have Cake offers the unique opportunity for players to choose how they want to play. Whether you prefer progression through levels,
feeding that Altitis with boosted level 50’s or just want to play the game with a friendly community.

It is your choice.
This ideal is what drives the server and is the origin of its name.
You can have your cake and eat it too.
Having your cake and eat it too is best with Icing.

Here are the flavors You can have all or any combination you like.

• Progression through the origin story arcs.
• 2 accounts.
• Influence grant via... Auto GM Merchant.
• Arch Type Enhancements via... Auto GM Merchant.
• Accolades via... Auto GM Merchant.
• All incarnates via... Auto GM Merchant.
• Slots filled with IO’s upon request.

Server Features

• The Most New and Exciting AT's and Powersets found anywhere,
The The Dev Team has been hard at work bringing :

The Future of COH To You Today ....

All pool powers opened:

o Force of Nature
o Gadgetry
o Experimentation
o Utility Belt
o Sorcery

• Unrestricted play.
• Direct Admin and GM interaction that are always willing to help
or just increase your Cake experience.
• Friendly and Active Discord.
• Robust AE missions for any preference.
• Auction House with reasonable Economy.
• Server events, Yes…Costume Contest
• Continuous game content development.

Come join our active and growing community and play your game, your way!

We will try to answer any questions you may have if you post them on our discord.

Thank You.

Client Download

To download the client and be able to log in, please follow these steps:

  1. Download A Launcher:

    NewDawn-Launcher (from here)

    Must Use Manifest


    Sweet-Tea.zip (from here)
    Sunrise Launcher (from here)

    Can Use Both Manifest


  2. https://evolution-newdawn.com/ultramanifest26.xml

  3. Locate or Create a folder for CoH to install to and extract the files into it.

  4. Add the manifest url below.

  5. Be sure to set the path to your game client installation in the options window then clk apply/ok.

  6. Click the server you want and and then click Validate.

  7. Browse the website when the client is finished loading click Launch.


For support, or to request an account

Please join us on Discord